The WorldStrides program you have elected to attend offers many unique opportunities and experiences. Beyond the educational benefits, the program offers opportunities to form new friendships and to meet the challenges of independence. 您选择加入的环识游学项目将为您提供很多独一无二的机遇和体验。除了教育方面的收获,该项目还提供结交新朋友和面对独立性的挑战。
We at WorldStrides promote a program atmosphere where chaperones and participants support one another with genuine respect. As a student participant, it is your responsibility to help make the program a positive and enjoyable experience for yourself, fellow participants, and chaperones. All participants are expected to demonstrate high standards of conduct and to accept personal responsibility and consequences for their actions. You are expected to exhibit honesty, courteousness and consideration toward others. This includes those in your group, as well as anyone else with whom you may come in contact, such as, speakers, program staff, restaurant and hotel staff, university staff and representatives, bus drivers, and guides. 环识游学提倡这样一种项目氛围:行为监督人和学员真诚、相互尊重、相互支持。作为一名学员,您有责任帮助该项目成为您自己、同行学员和监护人的一次积极和愉快的体验。期望所有学员展示高素质行为,履行个人义务并承担行为后果。每位学员应诚实、有礼貌并关心他人。 “他人”包括您的小组成员,以及其它您可能接触的任何人,比如演讲人员、项目工作人员、餐厅和酒店工作人员、高校职员和代表、巴士司机和向导。
Our goal is to make this program an educational, safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. We require each individual’s cooperation and commitment to the following behavior guidelines to help us meet this goal. 我们的目标是促使该项目成为所有学员的一次富有教育意义、安全和愉悦的体验。我们需要每个人的配合并恪守以下行为指南承诺以帮助我们实现这一目标。
We expect the participant to obey the following rules of behavior and participation:

• The participant is to follow the directions and the rules and regulations established by chaperones both prior to and during the program.

• The participant shall be on time and attend every seminar and program event.

• The participant shall maintain the highest level of professionalism, citizenship, personal integrity, and honor.

• The participant shall not be involved in any way with smoking, alcohol, illegal drugs, vandalism, theft, or any other type of behavior that is judged by the chaperones to be detrimental to the health, well-being, safety, or reputation of him/herself or anyone else in the program including the chaperones or the WorldStrides Program. No consumption of alcohol by minors is allowed.

• The participant shall comply with all rules and regulations of the various governmental and commercial agencies (such as airlines, hotels, motorcoach companies, etc.).

• The participant shall remain with the group.

• The participant shall respect and follow the directions of the chaperones, WorldStrides staff, and hotel supervisors.

• WorldStrides programs grant special access to special venues, high level speakers, and government officials. Participants will follow the security instructions at all venues and demonstrate respect for all speakers.

• The use of hotel facilities carries with it the responsibility of leaving them in the same conditions in which they were found. The participant is responsible for any damage. No throwing of any object or tampering with hotel property is allowed.

• Quiet hours at the hotel will be observed from 10:00PM until 6:00AM, unless otherwise established by the chaperones. At 10:30PM participants must be in their own rooms. Participants must remain in rooms until awakened by chaperones.

• The participant may never leave the hotel unless accompanied or authorized by a chaperone or program staff.

• In the event that a participant does not participate in an optional program event, the participant shall remain in his/her room or otherwise comply with the direction of the chaperone.

• The participant must sleep in his/her assigned hotel room each night.

• Good common sense, respect and consideration for others and their property should be practiced daily.





·学员不得以任何方式涉及抽烟、喝酒、服用违禁药物、破坏他人财产、盗窃、或行为监督人断定为对卫生、健康、安全、他/她或包括行为监督人在内的项目任何成员或者对环识游学项目的名誉有损的任何其它行为。 未成年人不得饮酒。






·请遵守晚上10点到早上6点的酒店肃静时间,除非行为监督人另有规定。晚上1 0点半学员必须待在各自客房内,被行为监督人唤醒之前不得外出。





If the participant should violate any of these rules, he/she may be sent home at the sole discretion of the chaperones and program staff. In such cases, the parent/guardian will be contacted and the participant sent home at the parent’s expense. 若学员违反任一规定,由行为监督人和项目工作人员自行决定是否将他/她送返回家。这种情况下,将会联系该学员父母/监护人,并且学员返家的费用由其父母承担。
I have read and I understand the behavior rules and regulations of the WorldStrides program. To the best of my ability, I will comply with all of these rules and regulations. 我已阅读并理解环识游学项目的行为规章制度。我将尽最大努力遵守以上规章制度。